Assistive Listening Devices

If you have difficulty hearing in certain situations but don’t yet feel ready to make the move to hearing aids – or if you’re looking for something to use in conjunction with hearing aids –assistive listening devices provide an effective solution. You can use them on their own as an ear speaker, or these devices can be combined with hearing aids to further amplify and clarify sound, providing a versatile solution that’s suitable for a wide range of applications.

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What Are They?

Assistive listening devices are designed to improve hearing in specific situations, helping to raise the volume of voices, phone calls and even televisions so they’reaudible above background noises. There are many applications for these devices, and as a result there are many different types available, including specific options for phones, TVs, personal listening amplifiers, and FM systems.

How Do They Work?

These useful devices work by enabling sound to be picked up and enhanced. In some cases, the device can be directly connected to the source of sound, such as a television or mobile phone. The enhanced sound is then transmitted to the device, providing individuals with improved sound clarity while minimising background noise. This makes it easier for individuals to make out conversation and other sounds, even in noisy environments such as busy cafes and crowded shopping centres.

Our Range

Victorian Hearing have a wide range of assistive listening devices to choose from. Whether you want to hear the TV better or you need to improve the clarity of phone calls, assistive listening devices can provide you with the level of amplification you desire.

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