Audiologists Hampton


Ground Floor
Linacre Private Hospital
12 Linacre Rd
Hampton VIC 3188

Consulting hours are 9am -5pm Tuesdays.

Public Transport

The clinic is located 700m from Hampton Train Station
(on the Sandringham line) –approximately a 9 minute walk.

Bus Route 828 also stops nearby.


On-site parking available. Signed two hour and four hour parking available in Linacre Road, and all-day parking available on Hampton Street.

Ground Floor Linacre Private Hospital 12 Linacre Rd Hampton VIC 3188

Quality Hearing Services in Hampton

The Victorian Hearing clinic situated in Hampton provides patients with a range of comprehensive hearing services. Located on the ground floor at the Linacre Private Hospital, it’s easy to access by car, bus and train and is also within close proximity to the neighbouring suburbs of Sandringham and Brighton.

This clinic offers the following services, among others:

Hearing Tests

Our audiologists have the experience and expertise to conduct a range of hearing tests. This lets us determine the extent of any hearing loss or damage so a suitable treatment can be found. We can additionally conduct hearing tests for children over 4 years old as part of our paediatric services.

Hearing Aid Fittings

If you’re in need of hearing aids, we provide an expert fitting service, taking each unique ear into consideration. We also offer a comprehensive choice of hearing aid types, styles and brands, including invisible in-the-ear options such as the Lyric hearing aid.

Lyric Hearing Aids

Recently named as a Lyric Key Opinion Leader, we’re proud to offer Lyric invisible hearing aids at our Hampton clinic. Lyric hearing aids allow for 24/7 wear and are invisible to the naked eye, making them a great choice for those who feel self-conscious about wearing hearing aids.

Hearing Protection

Victorian Hearing provides a range of hearing protection options, including custom ear plugs that are molded to the ear canal. Our available options include ear plugs for musicians, ear plugs for sleeping and ear plugs for swimming.

Aural Rehabilitation

Whether you’re finding it difficult to adjust to hearing aids or are struggling with a diagnosis of hearing loss, we can help you to adapt with our aural rehabilitation services. We can also provide advice and guidance to help you adapt to living with hearing loss.

Consulting Audiologist

Our Hampton clinic has access to the following expert audiologist:

  • Liz Marsh – Victorian Hearing is fortunate to have someone as caring, thorough and versatile as Liz on the team. Liz is a fantastic professional who cares deeply about the well-being of her patients.