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How to Determine if you Need a Hearing Aid

If you’ve started exhibiting signs of hearing loss, you’re probably wondering if it’s time to start thinking about hearing aids. There are degrees of hearing loss and damage, ranging from mild to profound. While mild hearing loss might not require a hearing aid, sufferers of moderate to severe hearing damage may benefit greatly from them. Depending on the extent of loss you’ve personally experienced, they can be an effective solution. But how do you determine if you need them?


Victorian Hearing has the answer, providing patients with a thorough assessment to determine the extent of any hearing damage. Testing also allows us to gauge an individual’s suitability for hearing aids, ensuring they’re the best choice for your needs.

Qualified Audiologists

Aid Choies
In order to discover the extent of any hearing loss or hearing damage, it’s necessary to visit an audiologist to undertake a comprehensive hearing test. An audiologist is a fully qualified specialist who can identify, diagnose, treat and monitor a range of problems occurring in the auditory system.

Victorian Hearing has a knowledgeable staff of audiological specialists, qualified to carry out a wide range of tests. The results obtained from these tests then provide an accurate assessment of a person’s hearing, enabling further steps to be taken if necessary. After the extent of damage has been assessed, our audiologists can offer advice on the most appropriate treatment, such as hearing protection to prevent further deterioration from occurring. We’ll also take your current and future needs into consideration and consult with you to determine if hearing aids are the right option.

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