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Resound Hearing Aids

GN Resound Hearing Aids

Victorian Hearing is proud to offer a range of innovative GN Resound hearing aids, including Resound LiNX2 hearing aids and Verso hearing aids. Continue reading to learn more about the various options available.

Verso Hearing Aid

The Verso IIC hearing aid from GN Resound provides a cosmetic solution with easy handling and a perfect fit. Users have the ability to comfortably insert and remove this model themselves, making it ideal for those looking for a convenient option.


The Verso provides extraordinary performance thanks to the placement of its microphone deep within the ear canal. This provides a range of benefits to the user, including:


  • Provision of a more natural hearing experience
  • Delivering better performance for phone calls
  • Reducing problems with wind noise due to being protected by the outer ear
  • Providing an improvement in natural localisation cues when compared to other single microphone hearing aids


The Verso is a day-wear device with an invisible design, making it ideal for those who find themselves feeling self-conscious of their hearing aids. If you’d like to learn if the Verso hearing aid is right for you, arrange for a consultation with one of our friendly audiologists.

LiNX2 Hearing Aids

LiNX2 hearing aids by GN Resound are a breakthrough in hearing aid technology. This innovative hearing aid can connect to a range of Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad. This allows telephone conversations, apps and music to be streamed directly through the device, providing exceptional sound quality and clarity.


The LiNX2 hearing aid can be used with a free app that allows users to adjust various settings, including volume, background noise levels, and more. This hearing aid can even work with your phone to broadcast a conversation from across the room straight into your ear – simply place your phone on a table or near the source of conversation, and its microphone will pick up the sound and transmit directly to your LiNX2 hearing aid. This allows you to overcome a range of hearing aid related problems, such as background noise, distance, and poor acoustic environments.

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If you’d like to learn more about the various GN Resound hearing aids that are available at Victorian Hearing, get in touch with our friendly team of audiologists today. We’ll help you to determine if Resound hearing aids are right for you, as well as providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.