The Fitting Process

The team at Victorian Hearing view the hearing aid fitting as both a scientific and collaborative process, ensuring the best results are obtained. Current hearing aids have computer chips inside them that must be personalised to each individual ear. Because of this, a series of computerised measurements and verification processes are carried out to prescribe and fit each aid.

Throughout the process, we will consult with you to determine how you feel about the sound of your devices, with adjustments made accordingly to suit your preferences. Our experts work tirelessly to ensure every pair of hearing aids is comfortable, produces quality sound, and is ready to be worn home immediately. You will also be shown how your model works, how to insert each one in your ears (if a daily worn style), and how to best maintain them to keep them in optimal working order.

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    Hearing Aid Fitting

    At Victorian Hearing, we’re dedicated to providing our patients with a comprehensive range of hearing loss services, including the professional fitting of hearing aid devices. Our university-qualified audiologists have extensive audiological experience, ensuring every patient will receive a perfect fit for the best results.

    The Types of Hearing Aid

    When most people think of hearing aids, they tend to imagine old-fashioned, clunky, external ones – but there’s actually a wide range available, from streamlined behind-the-ear models to Lyric invisible hearing aids that fit inside the ear canal for an extended time. During a consultation with our audiologists, we will help you determine which type best suits your degree and type of hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle, dexterity and budget.

    Invisible hearing aids can be used for daily wear and extended wear. Depending on the type of hearing aid that’s appropriate for you, a different fitting process will be followed. For instance, deep in-the-canal devices use specialised impression-taking techniques to ensure the very best customised fit, while the extended wear Lyric option requires a comprehensive candidacy and sizing consultation.

    Getting the Most Out of Your Hearing Aid

    As detailed above, getting an individual fitting from an audiology professional is the best way to ensure the comfort and effectiveness of your hearing aid, whether it’s an invisible or a more traditional model. Your audiologist will also prepare you for what to expect and help you to acclimatize with suddenly being able to hear at an increased capacity.

    It is recommended to wear your hearing aids as much as possible. Research has shown the hearing aids stimulate the auditory nerve and help maintain the clarity of speech you hear for your long term future. Quite simply, the more you wear the hearing aids, the more benefit you will receive.

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    As the only premier centre in Victoria for Lyric invisible hearing aid fitting, you can be sure of a premium fitting service when you choose Victorian Hearing. If you’d like to learn more about any of our services, speak to a member of our friendly team today by calling 1300 736 995. Alternatively, you can email us at