Should you have a patient who has experienced a sudden hearing loss or has any other urgent auditory condition, please do not hesitate to call us and we will endeavour to see them immediately, so that optimal outcomes can be achieved. Contact to arrange a Hearing Health education session provided by one of our Audiologists at your clinic or have more referral pads sent out.


  • Just Imagine…
    What was once an imagined possibility, Beltone hearing aids have worked hard to produce a processing chip that delivers sound that is both more natural and more directionally focussed when needed. Introducing “Imagine” – the new RIC (receiver in the canal) style hearing aid including a digital processing chip with 220% more memory capacity and double the analytical power of its predecessor product. Unlike most hearing aids that use 2 microphones to create directional sound benefit, Imagine uses input from three microphones, the additional one found on the receiver […]
  • New Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid supports wellbeing and telehealth
    “Hearing well is being well” is the new mission of global hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. Initially introduced at an international conference in 2018, speakers from across the globe specialising in Audiology, Psychology, Dementia, and general Medicine were aligned on the importance of hearing health on overall wellbeing. Our ability to socialise, interact and remain active participants within the community relies on our ability to hear well, and to support this, Phonak has released their latest receiver in the ear style hearing aid, Phonak Paradise. Paradise is the successor to […]
  • Is it ok to buy hearing aids online?
    Online shopping has become part of everyday life for many of us, especially since it has become the safest way to shop during the pandemic. Not only can it be convenient, but often we are attracted by seemingly “too good to be true” price deals from online retailers compared to bricks and mortar stores. But how does that work when consuming professional services and products that need to be custom fitted like prescribed hearing aids? Within a clinical setting, a hearing aid purchase occurs following a thorough diagnostic audiological […]
  • COVID-19, Hearing loss and Tinnitus
    It certainly has been an unsettling and unusual year. The impact of COVID-19 has been far reaching and affected us all personally in some way. As we learn more and more about this new virus, it appears that COVID-19 may bring with it a host of health concerns. While we know the initial symptoms are respiratory related, such as shortness of breath, sore throat and coughing, with more medical research and data becoming available, we are beginning to see Coronavirus may also have neurological repercussions. There is evidence emerging […]
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