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  • Just Imagine…
    What was once an imagined possibility, Beltone hearing aids have worked hard to produce a processing chip that delivers sound that is both more natural and more directionally […]
  • New Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid supports overall wellbeing and telehealth
    “Hearing well is being well” is the new mission of global hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. Initially introduced at an international conference in 2018, speakers from across the globe […]
  • Is it ok to buy hearing aids online?
    Online shopping has become part of everyday life for many of us, especially since it has become the safest way to shop during the pandemic. Not only can […]
  • COVID-19, Hearing loss and Tinnitus
    It certainly has been an unsettling and unusual year. The impact of COVID-19 has been far reaching and affected us all personally in some way. As we learn […]
  • CAPD Test Melbourne
    An Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is a deficit in the way the neural representation of sounds is processed by the brain, resulting in a distorted neural representation of the auditory signal within the auditory nervous system. APD creates difficulty in listening (i.e. hearing with intent to extract information). (Dillon and Cameron, 2015)
    Hearing loss is a common disability affecting 1/7 Australian’s over the age of 65. The first point of contact for persons who notice hearing difficulties, is the local GP. Normally the GP will look for obvious signs of hearing loss, such as ear infections and/or wax build up then refer for an audiological assessment. Should a specific degree of hearing loss and poor speech clarity be identified, amplification options are explored. Whilst amplification, such as the use of hearing aids and personal listening devices, do not restore hearing to normal, in conjunction with rehabilitation this can be life changing to both the hearing impaired and their close communication partners.
  • Hearing Loss Melbourne
    In response to the global COVD19 Pandemic, the city of Melbourne has seen strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It certainly has been an unsettling and unusual year with the impact far reaching and affecting each individual uniquely.
  • Tele-health Options at Victorian Hearing
    Victorian Hearing have remained open and continue to assist with all hearing health needs. Even if you are not able to come into the clinic, we may still […]
  • How long do you wear you hearing aids each day?
    Most of our clients wear their hearing aids 12 hours/day as is the recommended routine and they are reaping the benefits of increased engagement, understanding conversation and auditory […]
  • Hearing Loss and Social Distancing – Not Social Isolation
    With current times of COVID-19 requiring social distancing for everyone, some of us may be feeling a little lonely and isolated, regardless of how good your hearing may […]
  • New Study Suggests Age-Related Hearing Loss Contributes to Memory Loss
    Daniela Beckmann, Mirko Feldmann, Olena Shchyglo, Denise Manahan-Vaughan: Hippocampal synaptic plasticity, spatial memory, and neurotransmitter receptor expression are profoundly altered by gradual loss of hearing ability, in: Cerebral […]
  • New Technology- Swiss manufacturer Phonak release first in the ear style (custom) style hearing aid: Virto Marvel
    Swiss manufacturer Phonak has released the world’s first custom hearing aid featuring the ability for hands-free phone calls that directly streams audio content from Apple, Android and other […]
  • Physical Distancing Not Social Isolation: The need for hearing clarity during unprecedented times.
    Whilst physical distancing has become our new normal to keep our community safe, social engagement and interaction during these unprecedented times is more important than ever. This is […]
  • COVID-19 Information
    PECAUTIONS, ACTIONS & RESPONSE TO COVID-19 As you are aware, Australia is currently impacted by the spread of COVID-19. Although we haven’t been directly affected, we are taking all […]

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