What Are The Common Types Of Hearing Problems?
What Are The Common Types Of Hearing Problems?
10 June 2019

There are primarily three types of hearing loss. Your hearing aid professional can identify your hearing loss type and make suitable recommendations for the treatment so that it is properly... Read More

7 Things To Consider When Choosing An Audiologist
7 Things To Consider When Choosing An Audiologist
06 June 2019

Selecting the right audiologist from varied professionals can serve as a daunting task. Multiple factors are important to consider before choosing an audiologist. Additionally, you can also refer to numerous... Read More

Hearing Aid Problems: How to Fix Them?
Hearing Aid Problems: How to Fix Them?
04 June 2019

Hardware can be susceptible to a lot of technical difficulties, and hearing aids are no exception. These are complicated machinery pieces which sometimes can encounter a number of issues. Hearing... Read More

How to Find the Best Audiologist?
How to Find the Best Audiologist?
01 June 2019

Audiologists are a highly trained group of healthcare professionals. These professionals are university trained and are licensed to specially diagnose, evaluate, identify and treat hearing disorders. Audiologists make use of... Read More

Autumn 2019 Newsletter
10 May 2019

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Spring 2018 Newsletter
16 January 2019

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Summer 2018 Newsletter
16 January 2019

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Strategies for Protecting Hearing When Using Headphones
27 June 2018

According to a recent study by Macquarie University, up to 41 percent of people that use devices such as smartphones and iPods experience hearing loss. This may sound like an... Read More

Victorian Hearing: Lyric Key Opinion Leader 2017
27 October 2017

Victorian Hearing is pleased to announce we’re a Lyric Key Opinion Leader winner for the year 2017. The status of Lyric Key Opinion Leader is not something that is easily... Read More

Findings of the Inquiry into Hearing Health and Wellbeing in Australia
05 October 2017

For the more than 3.6 million Australians who experience some form of hearing loss or suffer from a balance disorder, recent recommendations from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Standing Committee will be... Read More

World Health Leaders to Make Prevention of Hearing Loss a Priority
19 June 2017

This is a public health issue of such scale in Australia, it is critical to raise the priority of hearing health and wellbeing. Australia urgently needs a coordinated national strategy... Read More

Healthy Hearing
Healthy Hearing
16 June 2017

Victorian Hearing's own Audiologist Nicole Bowden joined Ed Phillips on Health and Wellbeing to talk about hearing loss a condition which affects one in six Aussies: What are the causes... Read More