Alerting Products – Baby Monitors, Flashing Doorbells & Alarm Clocks for the Deaf

Whether you're looking for a flashing doorbell to alert you of visitors or you need a vibrating baby monitor to bring your attention to a child in need, our selection of alerting products is sure to contain suitable options.

Innovative Solutions for the Home

Our complete range of alerting products includes the following items:

  • Vibrating baby monitor for hearing impaired parents / guardians
  • Baby alarm for deaf parents / guardians
  • Alarm clocks for the deaf
  • Doorbells for the hearing impaired– flashing visual doorbell

Our baby alarm and baby monitor options for deaf parents and guardians provide alerts when your child is making sound, while our alarm clocks for the deaf feature extra loud 100dB signalling and have an optional bed shaker add-on available. We also stock flashing doorbells, providing a visual doorbell solution to indicate you have visitors.

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Find the alerting products you need within our range and place your order today to receive delivery across Australia. Before ordering, you can also call our friendly staff on (03) 9558 8842 to obtain advice on the best flashing doorbells, baby vibrating monitors and alarm clocks for the deaf.