Ear Protection

Ear Plugs & Hearing Protection

Whether you want earplugs for sleeping or need hearing protection to prevent hearing damage from exposure to loud noises, Victorian Hearing has you covered with a fantastic range of Noizezz earplugs.

Noizezz ear plugs are available in a variety of colour-coded options, with each one specifically designed to cater to differing needs. These include:

  • Noizezz red – nrr 33 ear plugs
  • Orange – 30 db ear plugs
  • Green – 24db ear plugs
  • Purple – 17db ear plugs
  • Light blue – ear plugs for swimming
  • Yellow – ear plugs for sleeping
  • Dark blue – ear plugs for air travel

Buy Noizezz Ear Plugs Online Today

Choose from a wide range of hearing protection options and place your order online now with Victorian Hearing. If you're unsure about which ear plugs are best for your needs, please get in touch with our friendly staff today by calling us on (03) 9558 8842.