What types of rechargeable hearing aid battery technologies are there?

Currently there are 3 types of rechargeable batteries for hearing aids:

  • Lithium-ion (Li-on) most popular
  • Silver Zinc (Ag-Nz)
  • Nickle Metal Hydride (NI-MH) older technology

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    What are the benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids?

    In contrast to disposable button batteries used in hearing aids, we have seen a huge shift towards rechargeable hearing aids. Why? Just look at the benefits!

    Man changing batteries on hearing aid
    Changing little buttons on hearing aid
    Rechargeable Hearing Aids last 24 hours
    Rechargeable Hearing Aids allow hands free phone

    No more fiddly battery changes

    You no longer have the concern, expense or inconvenience of purchasing, carrying, changing, even losing disposable hearing aid batteries. The average lifespan of lithium ion battery is 3- 5 years ( depending on the manufacturer) and this can be easily changed in clinic by your audiologist or by the manufacturer.


    Little button batteries can be very hard to manage for some people – no longer a concern with Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids. Given the average lifespan of hearing aids are roughly 5 + years, in this time one’s health and physical needs may change. Therefore it is important to consider the ability to manage hearing aids during time of choice and with one’s future dexterity in mind.

    24 hours of hearing

    Can last day and night with one simple charge, including streaming to television, music, phone calls and much more.

    Super quick charging

    Rechargeable hearing aids can give you up to a full day of hearing with a 2-hour charge. If you’re in a hurry you can rely on a short 15-minute charge to give you up to 3 hours of full performance. Charging times vary by model and brand.

    Moisture and dust protected

    Specifically with lithium-ion batteries, the hearing aid is completely sealed. These hearing aids are more resistant to dust and moisture with a high Ingress Protection rating (IP68), reducing maintenance concerns, improves performance, reliability and can increase the life of the hearing aid.

    Easy and convenient

    Rechargeable hearing aids simplify many of the traditional bug bares that hearing aid wearers often have to worry about. Now you simply place your hearing aids into the charging dock each night and they are ready to go when you are. Convenient mini chargers and battery packs are also available with select models.


    With rechargeable hearing aid models where the battery is completely sealed and encased in the hearing aid itself, there are no tiny button batteries required at all. This allows for peace of mind if you have inquisitive children or even pets around.

    Allow for even more features and benefits

    Rechargeable hearing aid batteries allow hearing aids to do more, for longer. Some rechargeable hearing aids allow you to stream directly to your TV, take hands free calls on your mobile phone, to music and countless other devices. Plus, some offer fall alerts, transcription voice to text and remote support and live hearing aid adjustments with your Audiologist.

    Hearing aid models with rechargeable battery by brand

    Lithium-ion Hearing Aids

    Phonak Marvel
    Signia Rechargeable Pure Charge&Go X
    Starkey Livio AI-R and Livio-R
    ReSound LiNX Quattro
    Oticon Opn S miniRITE
    Signia Styletto Connect Nx
    Signia Charge; Go Nx

    Silver-Zinc Hearing Aids

    Starkey Muse micro RIC
    Widex EVOKE Z
    Widex BEYOND Z
    Oticon Opn miniRITE
    Unitron Discover
    Unitron Stride M-R

    Pure Charge Go-X Rechargeable Hearing Aids Signia Pure Charge GoX
    Resound LiNX Quattro Rechargeable Hearing Aids Resound LiNX Quattro
    Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids Phonak Audeo Marvel
    Starkey Muse IQ Rechargeable Hearing Aids Starkey Muse IQ
    Signia Styletto Rechargeable Hearing Aids Signia Styletto
    Oticon OPN S Rechargeable Hearing AidOticon OPN
    Widex Beyond Z Rechargeable Hearing AidWidex Beyond Z