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Lyric – Invisible Hearing Aids


Are you delaying the fitting of hearing aids because of aesthetics? Fortunately, Victorian Hearing offers a discreet solution with the invisible Lyric hearing aid. Lyric offers a new innovation in hearing devices, featuring a unique design and an in canal placement that renders it 100% invisible. We are proud to be amongst the select few hearing clinics in Victoria and across Australia to offer these discreet invisible hearing aids.


How Does Lyric Work?


Lyric is an extended-wear invisible hearing device that’s comfortably placed in the canal of the ear by a trained hearing professional. It can be worn 24/7 for up to four months, with no maintenance needed during this time.

Unlike many other hearing aids, Lyric extended wear hearing aids are positioned completely in the canal and use your ear’s natural anatomy to funnel sound to your eardrum. This placement results in a reduction in background noise, allowing it to provide an exceptional and natural sound quality.

From Our Client Helen Sessler

““I have struggled with my hearing for 45years. I wore traditional hearing aids for many years and then discovered and started wearing Lyric 3 years ago. What I find most appealing about Lyric is that it is hidden, it is worn 24 hours of the day and has a better sound quality compared to traditional hearing aids.” Read More

Benefits of the Lyric Hearing Aid

100% Invisible


Because it’s inserted in the canal, the Lyric hearing aid is 100% invisible, providing a discreet option for those who don’t want others to know they’re using an aid. Use of invisible hearing aids helps to increase confidence and raise self-esteem.

24/7 Wearability

While other hearing aids can only be worn for small periods of time without batteries running flat, and can’t get wet or be worn in bed, the Lyric invisible hearing aid provides a perfect solution, allowing you to wear it for weeks and months on end. This enables patients to participate in all their usual daily activities while wearing the hidden hearing aids, including sleeping, showering, and talking on the phone.


Lyric is a convenient and hassle-free option, as there are no batteries to change and no maintenance required. Unlike traditional daily wear hearing aids available in Australia, daily insertion and removal is not necessary with this extended wear in the canal hearing aid.

Natural Sound Quality

The device’s placement deep in the canal allows the outer ear (the pinna) to direct sound into the ear canal naturally. This results in reduced background noise and feedback, providing exceptional sound quality to patients without batteries needing to be changed frequently.

Lyric – The Preferred Choice

Studies have shown that people fitted with a Lyric invisible hearing aid preferred it over their previous model in terms of sound quality, and would recommend it to a friend or loved one. If you’d like to learn more or determine if the in canal Lyric hearing aid is right for you, contact Victorian Hearing today to arrange a Lyric Candidacy consultation. You can also look at our list of frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

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Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid – Frequently Asked Questions

What type of hearing aid is Lyric?

Lyric is a CE certified Class 2a (CE) or Class 1 (FDA) medical device. CE means that it has undergone a clinical evaluation and passed a conformity assessment to the standards of the Medical Devices Directive (MDD). This model is included in the same product category as all other hearing aids, battery free or otherwise.

Is the Lyric hearing aid suitable for everyone?

There are some people who may not be best suited to use Lyric invisible hearing devices. They work best for those whose hearing loss is mild to severe. There are some physical requirements for them to be placed in the canal: the ear canal must be at least 24mm, relatively straight, and as rounded as possible. In Australia, this is assessed during a Lyric sizing and candidacy appointment. Medical conditions that exclude users from Lyric invisible hearing aids include: Chronic Otitis Media, ear canal abnormalities, and any conditions that require regular MRI scans. Also, if the patient regularly dives or skydives, Lyric will not be a suitable hearing aid for them to wear.

Can the ear canal be cleaned while Lyric is worn?

Wax cannot be removed while the Lyric hearing aid is in the canal of the ear, and the wearer should not use cotton buds. Any wax build-up that may occur can be removed by a trained professional before a new invisible hearing device is placed into the ear canal.

Can you get an MRI, X-Ray or CT Scan while wearing the Lyric hearing aid?

A Lyric hearing aid must be removed for an MRI, but can stay in place for all other X-Rays, CT Scans, Bone density scans, etc.

Can you go under a general anaesthetic while wearing Lyric?

Yes, this is possible. However, if you are scheduled for surgery of any kind, make sure your doctor is aware beforehand that you wear an invisible in canal hearing aid.

If I experience pain in my ear with Lyric inside it, what should I do?

There should never be any pain whilst wearing the Lyric 24/7 hearing aid. There may be some awareness, annoyance and discomfort during the first 2 weeks after fitting, but these sensations usually go away after the adaption phase.

Can people with otosclerosis wear this hidden hearing aid?

This is fine, as long as you have not had a recent stapedectomy (ear surgery to correct this hearing condition) and your tympanic membrane is intact.

What about people with exostosis (bone growths within the ear canal)?

Unfortunately, this condition is usually contra-indicated with the use of invisible hearing aids, as wearing it in the canal can cause pain to the exostoses.

Do you require surgery for the insertion of a Lyric hearing aid?

No, you don’t – it is inserted and programmed by your Audiologist right in their office. Nor does it require any anaesthesia, and the process of insertion in the canal is quick and painless. Lyric invisible hearing aids can also be removed by the wearer at any point with a specially designed tool that will be provided upon insertion.

What does the Lyric hearing aid cost?

The Lyric hidden hearing aid uses a subscription model, with prices ranging from $2000 to $2400 per year for each ear. It’s important to note that the Lyric hearing aid price in Australia depends on the length of your subscription – the longer you subscribe for, the less you’ll pay each year for your in canal invisible hearing aids.