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Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in the manufacture and production of advanced hearing solutions. With an aim to connect people and change lives, Starkey have provided millions of people across the world with innovative solutions that utilise the latest technology. From invisible models right through to hearing aids that are designed to work with iPhones, you can rely on Starkey to blend new innovations with tried and tested technology to provide the best results.


Victorian Hearing is proud to offer a range of Starkey hearing aids to our patients, including the popular SoundLens by Starkey.

SoundLens by Starkey

If you’ve been looking for a small, discreet hearing aid that has advanced features, the SoundLens2 may be an ideal solution. Featuring Starkey’s latest technology – including noise reduction and speech recognition systems – the SoundLens2 makes it easier to understand speech, reducing the effort required to listen. This technology also eliminates the buzzing and whistling sounds that are common with some hearing aids, helping you to hear more clearly even in noisy environments such as restaurants, crowded shopping centres and social get-togethers.


Suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss, the SoundLens hearing aid is an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) type that’s custom made to provide the best fit. In addition to delivering ultimate comfort, the custom fitting also allows the hearing aid to remain out of sight and invisible within the canal for most ears.


Here are some more features of the SoundLens by Starkey:


  • Includes Voice IQ technology to assist with hearing speech in noisy environments
  • Replicates high-frequency speech cues into frequencies that are lower, making it easier to hear children’s and women’s voices
  • Features sound compression technology to provide a natural sound quality that allows the wearer to differentiate between soft and loud speech
  • Easy controls – use any touch-tone phone to adjust settings such as memory and volume
  • Contains a PureWave Feedback Eliminator that reduces buzzing and whistling noises

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If you’d like to learn more about Victorian Hearing’s range of Starkey hearing aids, or if you’d like to arrange for a consultation to determine your eligibility, our dedicated team of audiologists are more than happy to provide assistance. Get in touch with us today to receive friendly advice and information. Call us on 1300 736 995, send an email to info@victorianhearing.com.au, or simply drop into one of our conveniently located Melbourne clinics.